Mercer National Legal Remuneration Survey

Salary surveys may or may not provide you with cost-of-living adjustments that show how wages compare in value when adjusted to the cost of living in their respective cities. If not, you can find cost-of-living adjustments online for free, such as CNN Money`s cost-of-living pay tool. Don`t be afraid to share these resources with the candidate, as they may not have considered the impact of the cost of living on the value of a salary. Mercer is a global talent, healthcare, retirement and investment advisory firm. With more than 20,500 employees and offices in more than 180 countries, Mercer prides itself on offering its clients a global reach and a local touch that helps them get the best return on their investments in these areas. In HR, Mercer specializes in a wide range of consulting services, including salary surveys, total rewards consulting, human capital solutions, workforce analysis and planning, leadership and organizational performance. Culpepper is a compensation and consulting firm that helps companies adopt competitive and fair wages. They provide salary data by industry, function and geographic region. Salary survey data can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to know what to do with the information. Here are some case studies to help you get the most out of your survey data.

We specialize in compensation and performance benchmarking, analysis and insights ranging from market research to client-specific analytics and on-site/interim secondments. Willis Towers Watson provides a wide range of business-related services to domestic and international companies. One of these services is the compensation strategy, which includes support in finding market wages and creating effective benefit plans. Willis Towers Watson also offers compensation software. As a human resources professional, you`ll help the company make important salary decisions, including job offers and compensation adjustments. Here are some reasons why you need salary survey data to make these decisions: It`s always helpful to review your internal salaries, especially for pay equity reasons. Depending on the size of your business, survey data may not provide much comparative information for a single position, but it will still help you understand your people investments. By purchasing the Mercer Legal Compensation Survey and deciding to participate, you are not only part of the local and global research community, but you also reduce the cost of access to the survey for your business.

The accuracy of the wage survey data depends on many factors. The survey must be up-to-date and sourced from a reliable resource. Before investing in a particular source of salary survey data, review the company`s methods and determine if they are certified compensation specialists. Mercer is a large asset management firm with several subsidiaries, one of which provides industry- and function-based salary survey data. Mercer also provides information on international salaries. Not-for-profit salaries are unique in that they are often limited by non-profit funding. Still, nonprofits sometimes have flexibility in their compensation plans, and salary survey data can help. The National Council of Nonprofits helps members connect with state associations, which often provide salary survey data for nonprofits.

Salary surveys can provide you with salary averages based on experience. If you find that the employee has taken on duties outside of their original job description, you can probably find data that matches the employee`s current duties. Internal salary information is very important for pay equity adjustments, as an important factor is what you pay to other employees in your company who do “comparable” or “substantially similar” work. You can pay a company for compensation surveys to help you with your internal survey, but if you have HR software, you can do it yourself. After a year like no other, our Salary Guide presents the recruitment and career plans of employers and professionals for the next 12 months. Based on a salary survey of nearly 3,500 companies and 3,800 professionals, we look at current headcounts, recruitment plans, and hiring trends. SHRM is one of the two most important professional associations for human resources professionals. SHRM provides members with salary survey data through the SHRM Compensation Data Centre and also maintains an up-to-date list of approved salary survey providers.