Minimum Requirements for Llb at Uwc

Please note that the following requirements qualify you for application, but selection will be in descending order, from top student down, based on Senior National Certificate and enrollment results. b A qualification or level of competency that the University Senate has determined to be equivalent to the above requirements. a A Exemption from registration with a minimum of D Aggregate or conditional exemption or age exemption The requirements listed below are minimum requirements. The second was similar legislation in the real estate sector, where the Real Estate Agency Business Council required all non-principal and principal brokers to meet minimum training requirements. To apply to UCT for undergraduate programs, you must pass the NBTs. For more information, see and check for updates. For 2023 applications, you can take the tests no later than October 2022 and still have time to submit them as part of your application. All information on admission requirements can be found under this link: A four-year LLB An exemption from registration with at least one C-aggregate Chartall Business College was established in 2007 in response to two simultaneous national regulatory requirements.

The first was the Financial Services Board`s regulatory need to ensure that all bank employees providing financial advice comply with the requirements set out by the FAIS. Once you have received a firm offer to study at UCT, based on your final enrolment results, you are ready to begin your first year. Details on orientation, laptop requirements and other important notes can be found on this website. Orientation appointments will be provided by the university after completion. You may have questions about referrals, financial assistance, parent orientation sessions, or other issues – check out this download to see if your questions are answered. There are no specific requirements for law, and you don`t need to have math as your registration subject. You should have obtained a certain number of points with your registration results (which is largely calculated based on the sum of your 6 core material scores (not LO)). The CPU takes repair into account, which ensures that disadvantages are factored into the calculation and scoring requirements. Points requirements therefore vary, as the university is committed to providing redress and providing historically disadvantaged students with a fair chance to secure a place in law degree programs. All this is described in the attached brochure. For more information, see Choosing Law or contact the faculty office on

A UCT student with a good academic reputation can apply for the transition to the LLB degree, but must meet the LLB admission requirements with their NBT enrollment and results. Successful applicants may receive credits and/or an exemption, for courses already completed, up to a maximum of four full courses (or equivalent). LLB Four-year flow a higher national certificate for bachelor`s studies plus a score of at least 37 points, calculated according to the university`s approved points system, as well as the following specific program requirements: The faculty can only accept a limited number of students and therefore only candidates with the best results will receive a place. Here are some simple steps on how to apply to one of the legal programs offered at UWC. Both courses lead to the same qualification. The LLB degree is divided into these two branches to account for academic differences You may be wondering where the law library is located and who is the law library staff who will help you navigate the best-stocked law library on the continent. There`s a lot more information about what a UCT law student is and is – browse through, as well as information about the Law Student Council, which would be your spokesperson and representative at law school. On the UCT Youtube channel, there is a practical video that explains all about the possibilities of the LLB program! Apply online at If you have not yet studied at a university, the application is for bachelor`s degree purposes. Don`t forget to choose the LLB degree. Please complete ALL required fields to ensure your application is processed. We`ve provided a lot of information to give you an idea of how to get started as a law student at UCT.

You may wish to inquire about the courses offered at the Faculty of Law – you can find all courses in the Faculty Handbook or on the websites of each of our three departments – Private Law, Commercial Law and Public Law.