Mountain Lion Legal Hunt

In many areas, there are no roads or navigation in the country is extremely difficult. Many backcountry or desert hunters ride horses or mules while their dogs hunt. This allows the hunter to go to where the lions live. As hunters ascend, they may look for signs or clues that a lion was in the area. With a trained eye, you can spot tracks, scat, kill and sometimes scratch. Scratches or scratches are a method that lions use to mark territory. I observed this during mating season or near the murders. They do this by pulling the surface litter to the ground with their front legs. This creates a bald spot on the ground and a bump between their hind legs.

They urinate and defecate sometimes on the hill that marks it. Usually, these are aligned and delineate the territory of a lion. I am a hunting dog and I like to hunt the mountain lion. That doesn`t mean I`m here to kill all the mountain lions. I release more than 80% of what I catch with my dogs. The mountain lion and its existence are as important to me as any other species. However, the mountain lion must be managed. Their population has a direct influence on all other prey species. The use of dogs is the only way to effectively manage and accurately control lion populations. It offers us the opportunity to see and study these amazing creatures. Our job as hunters and conservationists is to continually defend our right to use dogs. Because it is we, the hunters, who really care about the future of the species we are pursuing.

“Their extensive work has shed light on this egregious act and the consequences of illegal hunting in Yellowstone National Park.” Mountain lion hunts may seem expensive, but considering all that`s needed to prepare for the hunt — keeping and training a pack of dogs is a difficult task — these are relative bargains. Prices start at around $3,500 and average $7,500 to $8,000, depending on the region`s reputation and outfitter for producing high-quality trophies. Mountain lion hunts can be combined with hunts for other cats such as bobcats and lynx. They also tried to get the animal back to their car without notifying authorities, meaning they may have violated the “one mountain lion a year” rule, which hunters must follow in the park for conservation reasons. Puma concolor means lion of one color. Adult mountain lions have brown fur – similar to the African lion – but are lighter with a smaller head relative to its body. If you still can`t find what you`re looking for, please contact us and we`ll try to help you find what you`re looking for on the MLF website. Our email address is and our phone number is 916-442-2666. A hundred years ago, we did not have the same wildlife management agencies as we do today. Each state monitors the number of mountain lions (as well as many other species) and decides how much hunting is allowed.

In South Dakota, for example, they set a cap on a total of 60 mountain lions, but only 21 were killed in 2019. Nebraska opened its first season in 2019 with a cap of 8, but only one was filled. In other states like Arizona, where there is a much larger population of mountain lions, 350 mountain lions were killed during the 2019-2020 season. The last and least used method of lion hunting is probably hiking. If there is no other way to cover the ground, sometimes it is beneficial to walk around certain areas and let the dogs run hunting. I often hike hot spots looking for new deaths and signs. This can be physically demanding for the hunter and dogs, but it is also very rewarding. If you live in or near mountain lions, it is advisable to bring your pets into the house at night. While still a fairly rare event, pets can be a light meal for mountain lions and other wild predators. Mountain lions hunt mainly at night, and unprotected domestic animals, sheep and goats are easy prey. Most pets and farm animals do not have the ability to protect themselves and rely on humans for their safety. The threat posed by mountain lions to pets can easily be avoided by changing husbandry practices.

For more information, see MLF`s 4 easy steps. According to investigative documents, other hunters alerted rangers to photos of the three Montana men posing with their illegal killing of mountain lions that had been shared on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Mountain lions are solitary unless they mate or raise and maintain territories with an average area of 100 square miles. Lions mark their territories by scratching trees and urinating on piles of dry leaves, grass or pine needles. They will fight against other lions, even to the death, to protect their territory. A female with kittens moves to a new cave in her territory every few weeks to protect her kittens from predators and male lions. To learn more about “Pumas at Home,” read chapter three of MLF`s online book; Cougar: The American Lion. Mountain lions (Puma concolor) are large wild cats that can live in different habitats next to mountains.

They have the same stealth movements as a domestic cat, but are noticeably larger. Mountain lions are about 4 feet long with a two-and-a-half-foot tail and can be 24 to 30 inches tall at the shoulder. The average male weighs about 135 pounds, with females being slightly smaller. Their short fur is buff/beige in color with dark brown ears and tail tip. They are highly adaptable and have a varied diet, which is one of the reasons they have a large range from Canada to the southern tip of Argentina. No. The claim that sport hunting is a necessary and effective strategy to reduce mountain lion attacks on humans is still prevalent in mainstream media and popular literature. While some state wildlife agencies, such as those in California and Wyoming, claim that sport hunting cannot increase public safety, other state agencies have claimed the opposite, apparently to gain public support for sport hunting. For example, without scientific research to support their theory, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks proposed in 2005 as the primary justification for their state`s first sport hunting season on mountain lions that it “might be a more effective solution [than eliminating individual lions] to address problems caused by mountain lions.” It would be as if the police department were saying that its new plan to reduce crime is to arbitrarily arrest innocent people on the street. Unfortunately, some Western states have banned lion hunting with dogs. As a result, the states of California, Oregon, and Washington have very high populations of mountain lions.

This is an important factor that has contributed to the suffering of big game populations. These states all have state trappers or paid employees who harvest and manage lions with dogs. Why not let wildlife officials and hunters manage the resource? It will sell licences, labels, permits and equipment. Even holding a chasing season would generate revenue and provide the opportunity to study mountain lion populations. All animals would be released without injury. Fox reports that each of the men admitted to killing the mountain lion on September 12. He was shot dead in the park last year before bringing him back across the border in his vehicle. Mountain lions can kill domestic animals such as dogs and cats. There are some areas where mountain lion habitats are limited to areas close to homes.