My Boyfriend Is Still Legally Married Reddit

He told me that a divorce would be easy for both parties, but he didn`t even try. The reasons he told me earlier about the delay in divorce were that he was afraid to pay taxes since his wife had never declared them during their marriage and he was worried that his daughter would not be sponsored from outside the country, but I researched all of that and all of these things have corrections. On the other hand, divorces sometimes only take a certain amount of time. Mine also about two years until graduation and it was not for lack of effort on my part. And just because it`s “definitive” doesn`t mean your ex will stop being an asshole. I have children and stepchildren…. Dealing with crab-like ex-spouses is just a way of life. But my wife and I did everything a married couple would do for a long time while the divorce was in trouble. In fact, my ex-wife lengthened things just to stick us together and make it impossible to remarry for as long as possible. Nice, isn`t it? One day, the woman`s boyfriend issued an ultimatum. He wanted to get married or they finished. The woman filed for divorce.

And you know what? M still didn`t want to get married. What for? Divorce was so expensive and the woman had too much. I don`t touch anyone who says they`re still married. I don`t understand. I will only consider individual candidates. And those who are divorced must be at least 2 years old. I know what a basket case I was after my divorce, and it takes time to heal. I know there will be exceptions to every rule, but these are my policies and it works for me. Well, no! She has just learned that she is dating a married man. It`s a red flag if they don`t disclose their still-married status.

In OLD, this should be on a profile. In IRL dating, it should be leaked before date 1 so as not to fool people into the data by lies/omissions. What kind of relationship are they looking for and is it what you want? It would be a big red flag for me if someone was looking for another serious LTR when they are not yet divorced. But if they`re just trying to casually go out and be open about it, and it`s something you`re comfortable with, there`s no reason why you can`t have fun together. I`ve done it many times, it doesn`t bother me much as long as I get the whole truth. But I`ve also dated married people who were poly or open, so as long as I`m not lied to, I really don`t care about their legal status. It`s about whether their other partners know what they`ve agreed to and whether my appointment is following the guidelines set out in their other relationships. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. He has been separated for 4 years. Separated, not divorced.

He asked me to marry him (without a ring) about a year and a half into the relationship and I didn`t know what to say because I thought it was so early. He refers to me as his wife and I as my husband, but I tell him that we are not husband and wife. I think it really depends. I mean, my personal opinion on engaging relationships with adults is that you`re all with one person. I happen to have remarried and am very committed to making my wife “The Wife”. She is not a junior wife or second wife. She is simply my wife: full VIP package and everything. I won`t even bother to read your crazy long post because your headline says enough. Forget the ultimatum. Leave his and find someone who is not married if you want to attach yourself I agree! There`s no reason for him to divorce because you`re still there, waiting, hoping things will change. If you can, I would step back and let him figure it out.

I see that half of the answer here suggests avoiding these people for up to a year after divorce. I protest against this bad advice! You want to know if the prospect is emotionally ready. Some people are confused and carry luggage for life. Some are never married, but have nevertheless been affected by separation. But some people have become wiser by experience. Adversity makes them stronger. These are the nuggets. Time is not necessary, the best medicine. At the end of the day, he still has to provide for the child and he has to accept it. He has to grow up and deal with this whole situation.

If it is cordial, then it may very well be an easy and undisputed divorce. No reference to hateful subreddits and/or their rhetoric. (Includes, but is not limited to: red/blue/black/purple pill, SDS, MGTOW, etc.) Any violation of this rule will result in a ban. This list is not exhaustive. Have you thought about just telling him that it doesn`t work for you while he`s married? He will probably promise you everything you want, but will never follow. I am still legally married, separated for over 6 years, I have my own mortgage, we are legally and financially separated by lawyers (UK here). We had to legalize things when we sold the house and split the shares/annuities/shares/ISAs as was the case within 2 years of the split. I`m sorry, but you`re not a mother-in-law. What you have agreed to is to be an official sideline. This guy is married and you are very naïve. Life is not a fairy tale and naïve girls like you are hurt.

If I were you, I wouldn`t have my best year with a married man. Good luck He still loves her. If he didn`t. It would have been over. So, TL;DR: If you`re looking for a long-term relationship/potential spouse, someone who isn`t legally divorced probably isn`t the right partner for you. But you`re looking for a more casual or FWB dating situation and enjoy the company, I don`t think it`s inherently riskier to see someone separated than anyone else, as long as you know what you`re getting into. It really makes me feel better. Do you sometimes feel weird and unsure if he was ever married? I only had a long-term relationship and we broke up when I was 21, so it`s hard for me not to feel insecure and upset, which is silly, but that`s how I feel sometimes. You will not receive a free pass. I was 52 when I left, and I felt like I didn`t have time to waste because I wasn`t getting younger and not going out much before I got married, so I had to get out of there. I was ready to date, but I encountered a lot of skepticism and was rejected by women who didn`t want to meet a separated man.

How separated is this person? Do they live completely apart from their ex and for how long? What level of daily interaction do they still have? Are they actively following the divorce process or not? You are not his wife. If something happens to him (illness, hospital, death), you have no say. Not at all. It doesn`t matter how long you`ve lived together. Or how many children you have. From a legal point of view, Frau Freundin wins. Does he really believe that a divorce will cost him less in the future? I think being legally married is important enough to be disclosed, and not thinking about it shows a little bit how important marriage and fidelity vows are to you. I`ve heard that this is a very common trick that men use.

(certainly women to a lesser extent) So I would be cautious. Pay attention to the signs. Just texting, just wants to go to your house, can`t stay overnight, can only meet at certain or strange times, you know the rest. What does your instinct say? The thing we`re married to and separated with, they always seem to say divorces are coming soon, but a year later they`re still married. I met a lady like this online. She was the 2nd or 3rd person I met when I started dating online. We have a lot of chem go, but let`s still talk today. It`s been almost a year and a half and they`re still legally married. She wasn`t alone.

I feel like we`ve spent so much time getting to know each other that I don`t want to spend time getting to know someone again. We have also built a good relationship with each other`s children and I confess that since my daughter was 16, I worry about whether the next man I date will be a predator or if he will have the same patience and understanding as my boyfriend has with her. TLDR: I told my 3-month-old GF that I am still legally married, she and I need guidance on what to do next. Before we left home, my ex-wife and I had had a separate social life for three years (which, by the way, didn`t involve dating), and there had been no action in the room for over a decade.