Nascar Legal Internship

The 2021 NASCAR Diversity Internship Program is a paid internship that seeks diverse undergraduate and graduate students to contribute to the rapidly evolving NASCAR industry. NDIP offers practical, unique and hands-on experience in a variety of areas essential to sports and business operations. The 2022 NASCAR Diversity Internship Program is a paid internship that seeks black undergraduate and graduate students to contribute to the rapidly evolving NASCAR industry. NDIP offers practical, unique and hands-on experience in a variety of areas essential to sports and business operations. Program Requirements: Be a member of one or more of the following racial or minority classifications: Black or African American, Alaskan Indian or Native American, Asian, Latino or Hispanic, Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander Currently enrolled in a bachelor`s or master`s program or considered a recent graduate who has not completed their degree by the fall of the year of applicationBe a U.S. Graduate The program is paid and takes place in summer for 10 weeks. Students and graduates of bachelor`s and master`s programs can apply for this position. In this role, you will perform many tasks such as design, analysis, and test support for aerodynamic, design, manufacturing, and safety functions. The NASCAR Diversity Internship Program (NDIP) is a 10-week paid summer internship from May 18 to July 31, 2020. NDIP seeks diverse undergraduate and graduate students with a high academic standard in elite institutions.

NASCAR Diversity interns add to the complex motorsport workforce. Learn from key sport managers in the weekly Lunch and Learn; and connect with industry experts. Start your career as a graphic designer at NASCAR, which now offers you the opportunity to do an internship in this amazing field. This is a wonderful program that gives you hands-on experience and skills with a competitive salary. Your working time is 10 weeks, during which you will work with the creative team on photo editing, website development and maintenance, and creating graphics for all platforms. In an effort to provide students with hands-on experience in the field of human resources, NASCAR is now offering another internship opportunity in this field. This is also paid and 10-week program. NASCAR is now inviting current students and graduates to apply for this program. Human resources provide support in all aspects of HR, including hiring, onboarding and retention. The legal intern will work on a variety of projects with and for lawyers, including, but not limited to, sponsorship, media rights and applications—Legal_JR10850 are now invited to the Nascar Accounting Internship Program, which is paid and 10 weeks of summer opportunity.

This internship will take place at two different locations in the United States. Once selected, you will take on a wide range of tasks and support both financial and accounting services. This role requires that you be a current student or a graduate of a bachelor`s or master`s degree. And that`s not all; You`ll also benefit from flexible hours, a fast-paced work environment, and a competitive pay rate that make this opportunity great. Courses: Sports Law, Intellectual Property, Copyright or Media Law. Below, we`ve mentioned some of the best NASCAR diversity stages. Join one of these programs and take your career in the right direction. Good luck!!. NASCAR will now add creative and passionate summer interns to its social media team. The duration of this paid role is 10 weeks.

The program is currently open to students who are currently enrolled in a bachelor`s or master`s program or who are considered graduates of a bachelor`s or master`s program. As a participant, you will create and manage web and social media content across all digital platforms, including editorial, video and social versions. The NASCAR Legal Internship is currently open to talented and ambitious undergraduate and graduate students. The opportunity is paid and lasts 10 weeks until summer 2021. The position is designed to work on a variety of projects with and for lawyers. They are the best candidates for this role if you are currently enrolled or have completed a new degree. Provided by: NASCAR Type: N/A Duration: 10 weeks Deadline: 2-Dec-2021 Apply now Major or field of study: A candidate for Juris PhD Do you want to advance your career in public affairs? Are you planning to work for the government? If so, this internship in NASCAR Public and State Affairs will surely interest you. This is a paid 10-week program where you will support the public and government affairs team on a variety of policy and policy issues at the local, state, and federal levels. Good candidates must be currently enrolled or considered recent graduates who did not graduate until the fall semester of 2021.

NASCAR internships are 10-week paid summer programs that begin May 18 and end July 31, 2021. Successful candidates have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the sanctioning agency for the No. 1 form of motorsport in the United States and owns 16 of the nation`s leading motorsport entertainment facilities. If you want to start a career in the hospitality industry, this NASCAR hospitality internship program can help launch your career. It will pay off, a summer event that will span 10 weeks in two locations such as Daytona Beach and Charlotte. The role is responsible for administrative tasks, sales, marketing, and various special projects. Current students and graduates are considered for this role. NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) seeks the exceptional, talented and motivated, to contribute to its success as one of North America`s leading sports. NASCAR offers opportunities in various areas of the sport, fostering innovation and creativity on and off the track. Other qualifications: Require a student who has completed their 2nd or 3rd year of law school at an ABA-accredited law school. NASCAR is looking for talented students and graduates with great marketing skills for its marketing internship program in Daytona Beach/Charlotte.

Over the course of 10 weeks, this paid intern will support marketing teams by aligning the industry around consistent marketing messages and topics to support fan engagement and growth across the industry. This internship at NASCAR Broadcasting and Media Productions is one of the best opportunities for those looking to kick-start their career in entertainment.